"The first and best victory is to conquer self" - PLATO




"Shawn, Thought I would take a break from my latest brainstorming project to let you know how much your coaching has helped me over the last three years. When I entered the Real Estate arena just three short years ago I was oh so green. After 14 years working in a commercial kitchen as a Pastry Chef I was so far behind in business, education and technology that I didn't even know what I didn't know. It was my good fortune the ownership of our brokerage had the foresight to bring you in as their corporate trainer.

Truthfully, I was resistant at first. The mental and organizational exercises were just beyond my comprehension. At the time, I thought they were well beyond my intellect. This is where your talented coaching made the difference. Assessing my natural abilities, personality type and preferred learning style, you put together a coaching program that I was not only able to work with, but allowed me to excel at many of the assigned projects.

Shawn you have taken a God given talent, personal passion and concern for others and developed them to benefit anyone who has the good sense to sit down, embrace the notion that there is a way to resolve any roadblock and follow your lead. Thank you for helping me work past the foolish notion that in order to be a success I had to do it on my own. It is an absurd notion really. If you look at all the successful people who have excelled thru the ages they all had a coach. The first that comes to mind is Tiger Woods. Tiger has four coaches and a caddy he consults from hole to hole.

As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, and months into multiple years, I want you to know how extremely helpful your coaching talents have been to both my business and personal life! I am grateful and blessed to have you help me keep my feet on the path."

- C Wilson, Wheaton

"Shawn Preuss, my Life/Business Coach, is someone with exceptional coaching skills. One of her strengths is really listening to me, and reading between the lines of what I am saying. And then she helps me dig even deeper into my beliefs and values. She holds up a huge reflector to my life and my career and encourages me to take the time to do the hard work of self-discovery. Through her guidance, teachings, questions and individualized assignments (journaling, reading, visualizations, business plans, etc.), I continue to feel and see the growth in myself and in my business. Her accountability measures allow me to take ownership of my life and career goals. With Shawn's coaching, I have increased my business to the level of creating a team. I would highly recommend Shawn if you want to move forward in your business and life."

- S. Powell, Chicago

"Shawn offers a valuable coaching perspective... Why can I say that? I have had three serious coaches now and paid regularly to be coached along as a Salesperson who has closed $90 million in real estate sales in 8 years. Shawn's process and approach are unique because she has less 'agenda' upfront. I don't have to fit myself within a set system of accountability like I have with other coaches who had pre-packaged systems. She began by listening. Through this listening she helped me develop my own form of goal tracking and is tough on me to stick to my growth curve. It's been a kind of 'co-creation' as she says. She is truly a tough 'coach' too... and now that I've set up my daily accountability system and have a clear and simple approach to my days and my role, I can already see the benefits in income, profitability and free time."

- Phil Buoscio Team, Better Homes. Better Lives., Chicago

"Shawn provides a very safe environment in which to speak openly. Coaching is not counseling. Shawn asks questions that allow me to answer my own questions. Coaching for me is about discovering the answers for myself, not being given an answer. When the answer comes through my own lips, in my own voice... then the answer is real.

I have been in a coaching relationship with Shawn for over a year and have experienced tremendous personal growth. I have chosen both individual and group coaching. The group has been co-created by the members and we interact both in and out of the formal group structure. I love it!"

- A. Rosen, Chicago


"Shawn's passion for coaching has come through in every session I have had with her. She has been a fantastic resource in helping me re-define my business plan with thoughtful and insightful help. Her patience and professionalism come through consistently and I will definitely use her as a resource as I guide my career."

- M. Soeding, Chicago

"Shawn Preuss has been a great asset to my business and the best investment that I've made since I began my career in real estate. Since Shawn became my coach, I have dramatically increased my sales volume and have been much more productive. She has helped me organize a business plan and become more disciplined by holding me accountable to my goals. I strongly recommend her to not only other Realtors, but any professional that is interested in becoming more productive, organized, and successful."

- M. Kelly, Chicago

"I have been trained and coached by Shawn Preuss for the past 2 years. I have found her to be very effective in her training. She is not intimidating, answers all questions however minute or silly you may think it is, and has a great sense of humor. Shawn is an excellent listener and delivers her comments and training in a way that is easy to comprehend and implement into your life."

- L. Govender, Wheaton