"The first and best victory is to conquer self" - PLATO

About Transitions

Transitions Coaching & Consulting Mission:

Our mission is to coach clients to their personal and professional best by providing greater focus and awareness of possibilities resulting in empowered choice. We specialize in collaborative relationships that lead to individual and organizational growth. We are committed to coaching the client through change in personal or business venues with integrity and respect.

How do we accomplish this mission? We use many of the same disciplines as a sport coach-only in a different venue:

Whether coaching you in life or business, Transitions Coaching is a company that supports people in moving forward toward sustainable change with an inside/out perspective.

Coaching Packages

Session Packages

Session packages are designed to be available for when you have specific need.
Session packages are pre-paid at the time if agreement. Prices are available upon request.

Monthly Packages

Monthly packages are designed for a focus on sustainable change. In a monthly package you will enter a committed contractual time, such as 3 months, 6 months, etc. and will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Project Contract Packages

Project packages are designed for a focus on support with a particular project. In a project package you will enter into a determined contractual period of time to complete the project. Session times and days will fluctuate according to need. Prices are available upon determination of the scope of the project.

About Shawn Preuss

Shawn Preuss

With thirty years of coaching experience behind me, Transitions came into existence. I have coached athletes of all ages, managers, leaders, and generally anyone who engages with me on a level of self discovery in life or business. Bottom line: With an inside-out perspective, I help people see possibility and tap into their potential.

It has been my love of self discovery and desire for getting to the best part of us that drives me to coach people. I get such a rush when someone discovers that they can go beyond a stated or perceived limit and uses that discovery to create a new existence or level of being.

Personally and professionally, I have had many life experiences where I have had opportunity to move forward and re-create myself. Sometimes easily, but most times…not so! Raising three boys, developing and managing businesses and trying to keep some sense of self in the process has often times been a challenge. With a sense of humor in life situations, trust in the ability of the human spirit, and many mentors along the way, I have created a fulfilling life which has served me well. In that, I want to help others on their journey in discovering what they want in life and business.

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